Queensland Stoma Association Ltd is a self-help, professionally managed, not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee which is committed to supporting those people living with an ostomy in our community to live full, meaningful lives. We are registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC).

Located in Chermside, Brisbane, our services are available to any person living with an ostomy or any person who is interested in learning more about ostomy in Queensland. Our services include providing stoma related information and non-clinical guidance, peer support and assistance. We also effectively and efficiently carrying out our responsibilities as a Stoma Appliance Scheme distribution and contact point.

It is our intention to maintain, through our Quality System, a level of quality of service and reliability that will meet or better the expectations of our members and other interested parties. We will achieve this through the application of our objects as described within our Constitution and by:

  • Working in partnership with our members to establish best practice,
  • Encouraging, educating and empowering all workers to continually improve their skills, awareness and knowledge to foster core values in quality excellence and practices,
  • Encouraging member and other Service User participation in the activities and decision making of our association,
  • Engaging and collaborating with other organisations who share, complement or support our values to achieve the best outcomes for our members and Service Users,
  • Developing and documenting objectives and targets for our core activities which have been developed based on the needs of our members and Service Users,
  • Constantly reviewing and adapting our processes to provide the best outcomes for our members, Service Users and other parties,
  • Responding to complaints and incidences by acting immediately and decisively, thereby improving our service delivery and company resilience,
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are available within our organisation to deliver defined outcomes, and
  • Measuring and regularly reviewing our performance across our core activities to achieve continuous improvement.

Our Board, volunteers and employee’s involvement and dedication to quality ensures the maintenance of our reputation for ongoing satisfaction of member requirements. We aim to continually achieve compliance with the priorities and conditions of the QSA Ltd Board Governance Policies, the Stoma Appliance Scheme Operational Guidelines for Stoma Associations, and any other applicable legislation and policies. We have documented our quality management practices to align with the NGO Performance Framework..

All workers are committed to this policy which provides the basis for our continued self-examination, the objective of which it to work towards achieving even higher standards for our services.