An order for stoma supplies may be submitted by mail, by fax, as an email attachment to [email protected] , in person, or for eligible members, via our QSA Members Portal. 

Subject to the conditions of section 6.1.1 of the Stoma Appliance Scheme Operational Guidelines, orders may be placed for either a one or two month supply* and must be submitted in writing on an association order form. Our order form may be downloaded here in word doc format or in fillable PDF format Please note that the Association can only supply stoma related products in terms of the Stoma Appliance Scheme Operational Guidelines which includes supplying only within the entitlements and maximum quantities permitted by the scheme. Orders which do not meet the requirements of the Guidelines will be adjusted without notice.

*Orders which include additional supplies authorised by Application for Additional Stoma Supplies (PB050) may be limited to a one month order at the discretion of the association 

If sending your order by fax: please generate a transmission report when sending your fax to QLD Stoma Association Ltd to ensure that the transmission has been successful.

A small quantity of pharmaceutical items are also available for purchase from the Association and can either be purchased over the counter by members collecting their order from the Association’s offices or added to a mail order. Please ensure to include the price of purchased items with your payment if having your order posted.

Orders may be collected from our offices during business hours. If you cannot collect your order, postage of the order can be arranged. A postage packaging and handling charge applies to all postal orders and must be paid in advance of the order being dispatched by the Association unless prior arrangement has been made*.

Our standard postage packaging and handling charge from 1/7/2020 is $15 per parcel (maximum size 25 cubic kg). Please note that orders to be sent interstate parcels may incur a surcharge to cover additional freight cost.

Postage can be paid in advance. Unused postage will be refunded upon receipt of a  written request.

Parcels can also be sent via Express Post upon request. Please contact the association to obtain a quote.

Payment for postage is accepted by cash, credit card (a 2% processing fee applies), cheque and money order made payable to “QUEENSLAND STOMA ASSOCIATION LTD” and by direct deposit to:

Account Name: Queensland Stoma Association Ltd

BSB: 064 135

Account Number: 1002 1069.

Please ensure to record your surname and Stoma Appliance Scheme entitlement number in your deposit description if paying by direct deposit.

*  A post paid invoice facility is extended to those members residing in a care facility. A $5 administration fee will apply to all invoices.

With the exception of December orders, an order for supply in the current month which has been placed up to our close of business on the third Wednesday of the current month will have an expected turnaround of 10 business days. Orders received after the third Wednesday will automatically be carried over to the next month and will be available approximately the 10th of the following month. We recommend that December and January orders be placed together (on one form) as a holiday order. The holiday order should be submitted by the end of November.

In extenuating circumstances, the association can arrange for a small emergency supply to be sent directly from the supplier. Please contact the association for more information about this service.

IMPORTANT: The Association can only supply Stoma Appliance Scheme funded products within the entitlements described within the Stoma Appliance Scheme Operational Guidelines and the Stoma Appliance Scheme schedule. Where an order requests more than the maximum scheme funded allowance of any one product or group of products, the order will be adjusted to the maximum scheme funded allowance without notice. Where an order requests dispatch during a particular month and the maximum scheme funded allowance has already been issued for that month, dispatch will be carried over to the next available entitlement period for Scheme funded products. 

Once an order has been submitted, it generally cannot be altered or added to. However a separate order can be submitted for any additional products required and they will be supplied within the conditions of the Stoma Appliance Scheme Operational Guidelines. A separate postage fee will be need to be paid if having this order posted.

Once a product has been issued and dispatched by Queensland Stoma Association Ltd, it cannot be returned for exchange. This is because ostomy products are required to be stored within a particular temperature range to avoid compromising the integrity of the materials from which they are produced and we cannot verify the storage conditions of any product which has left our premises.

If you are required to use a different product but have already received your maximum Stoma Appliance Scheme allocation for the current period, please contact the association on 07 3359 7570 to discuss your options.

The Department of Health have strict guidelines surrounding the amount of each product which can be issued to eligible persons through the Stoma Appliance Scheme.  When these quantities are not enough, there are provisions under the Scheme for the association to issue additional stoma appliances for up to 6 months when the standard monthly allocation does not meet a members needs.
To get more subsidised stoma supplies than the normal monthly allowance, the Association requires that a completed and signed Application for Additional Stoma Supplies (PB050)  be submitted by a Stomal Therapy Nurse or medical practitioner which clearly states the additional items required, the number required and the reason for the increased supply. The completed PB050 must be returned to Queensland Stoma Association Ltd by email to [email protected] or by post to PO BOX 370, CHERMSIDE SOUTH QLD 4032.
Please note that:
  • The additional supplies are only for the appliances and quantities listed on the form.
  • Having an authority does not mean you automatically get extra supplies – you need to include them on your order form
  • The authorisation is valid for up to six months only
  • You are responsible for having your authorisation renewed if required (ie: the association WILL NOT inform that your authorisation is due to expire)
  • The association reserves the right to withhold an additional supplies request from a standard supply where it appears that the request has been submitted to save ordering frequency
  • Orders which contain additional supplies authorised may be limited to a one month supply (including the additional supplies)
  • Hernia Support Garments, Dansac Travel Tissues, and  Salts Secuplast Hydrocolloid Tape are not eligible for an additional supply request. Quantities over and above the Stoma Appliance Scheme allowance may be purchased from the association

For more information about obtaining additional appliances, please contact Queensland Stoma Association Inc on 07 3359 7570.

Ostomy products can also be purchased from Queensland Stoma Association Ltd on a cash sale basis. Please contact 07 3359 7570 to obtain a quote.