Queensland Stoma Association Ltd are in the process of developing an online members portal for members. The objective of the portal is to provide a secure environment for the lodgement of orders and for payments by QSA members. Members will also be able to track their ordering history and make changes to their profile.

Portal registration is being rolled out over the next couple of months and currently available to QSA members who have one stoma and who pay their fees and postage by credit card. Members with multiple stoma and those with a third party payment arrangement (eg: Dept of Veterans Affairs, Public Trustee) are not currently eligible for registration.

Members who are holders of a Commonwealth Concession can register for the portal but cannot currently renew their 2020/2021 annual subscription via the portal at the concession rate.

For more information, please see our FAQ.

Eligible members can register for the QSA members portal here 


The Member Portal is designed to assist existing members manage their supplies obtained under the Stoma Appliance Scheme.   As such, only current financial members of QSA are eligible to register for the Member Portal.

However, the current version of the Member Portal does not yet support the following:

  • Members with multiple stomas
  • Members whose membership and postage is not prepaid or paid via credit card
  • Membership renewal at the concession rate. Please contact the association to pay concessional membership by credit card over the phone.

We will gradually increase capability as we roll out the portal access to our full membership.

To register an account on the Member Portal, you must have:

  • Your email address as recorded in our system;
  • Your Stoma Appliance Scheme Entitlement card number – this is recorded on the Stoma Appliance Scheme Entitlement card provided when you initially joined the association and is also recorded on the picking slip enclosed with each issue of supplies; and
  • Your surname

The Member Portal is automatically refreshed with the latest information from our internal systems every working day after Close of Business (COB). Please allow one business day for information to be transferred from the portal to our internal systems.

Your username is the email address with which you used to register for the QSA Members Portal. If you no longer have access to this email address, please contact QLD Stoma Association Ltd at 07 3359 7570 or by email to admin@qldstoma.asn.au to update your email address. Please use “Portal”in your email subject line.

An Australian Medicare Numbers consist of 11 digits structured as follows:

  • Identifier: 8-digits.  First digit should be in the range 2-6.
  • Checksum: 1-digit.
  • Issue Number: 1-digit.  Indicates how many times the card has been issued.
  • Individual Reference Number (IRN): 1-digit.  The IRN appears on the left of the cardholder’s name on the medicare card and distinguishes the individuals named on the card.

Example: 2428 77813 2/1

Refer to https://clearwater.com.au/code/medicare for more information.

To access the QSA members portal, registered members should use a Google Chrome browser on a Windows PC or Mac computer. Please note that the portal may not work on all tablets, iPads or smart phones.

The QSA members portal is not supported by Internet Explorer.


At this stage, only Stoma Appliance Scheme funded products can be ordered through the portal. Other products that are not scheme funded cannot be ordered through the portal.

Payment of purchased products however can be deducted from your credit account balance which can be added to via a payment top up through the portal.

Should you wish to purchase items using your credit balance, please contact the association by email to admin@qldstoma.asn.au or by telephone to 07 3359 7570 and we will be happy to arrange this for you.