The Department of Health have strict guidelines surrounding the amount of each product which can be issued to eligible persons through the Stoma Appliance Scheme.  When these quantities are not enough, there is provision under Scheme rules for the association to issue additional stoma appliances for up to 6 months when the standard monthly allocation does not meet a members needs.
To get more subsidised stoma supplies than the normal monthly allowance, the Association requires that a completed and signed Application for Additional Stoma Supplies – Clinical   be submitted by a Stomal Therapy Nurse or medical practitioner which clearly states the additional items required, the number required and the reason for the increased supply.
Please note that:
  • The additional supplies are only for the appliances and quantities listed on the form.
  • Having an authority does not mean you automatically get extra supplies – you need to include them on your order form
  • The authorisation is valid for up to six months only
  • You are responsible for having your authorisation renewed if required (ie: the association WILL NOT inform that your authorisation is due to expire)
  • The association reserves the right to withhold an additional supplies request from a standard supply where it appears that the request has been submitted to save ordering frequency
  • Orders which contain additional supplies authorised will be limited to a one month supply (including the additional supplies) to meet Scheme rules, and
  • Hernia Support Garments, Dansac Travel Tissues, and  Salts Secuplast Hydrocolloid Tape are not eligible for an additional supply request. Quantities over and above the Stoma Appliance Scheme allowance may be purchased from the association

For more information about obtaining additional appliances, please contact Queensland Stoma Association Inc on 07 3359 7570.