Our Vision

Our vision is for all persons living with a stoma to feel empowered to manage their own stoma care .

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist persons who have had ostomy surgery to take control of their own stoma care and their return to well being.

How will we achieve our Mission?

We will achieve our mission by:

  • providing non clinical support to assist persons recovering from ostomy surgery to return to a normal quality of life as soon as possible
  • by developing resources to help persons living with a stoma to be kept informed about stoma related matters that affect and are relevant to them, and
  • by developing non clinical programs to support persons living with a stoma during their journey as an “ostomate”

What are our Core Values?

The Core Values of QSA are:

  • To continually focus on new and innovative ideas to enhance our service to members
  • To practice high ethical standardsĀ 
  • To respect and support the diversity of our workers, members and othersĀ 
  • To meet the changing needs of our Service Users and the environment within which we work