The Commonwealth Government have recently announced changes to Adhesive Remover Wipe products listed in Stoma Appliance Scheme Schedule Subgroup 9(D). Commencing 1 March, 2017, the maximum monthly allowance of a some Adhesive Remover Wipes will reduce from 100 per month to a maximum of 60 per month. Products affected are Smith and Nephew Universal Remover Wipe (4031), Hollister No Sting Adhesive Remover Wipe (7760), Salts Wipeaway Wipes (WA1) and Convatec Convacare Adhesive Remover Wipe (37443).  Because of packaging quantities, from 1 March 2017 the maximum issue of 4031 and 7760 will be 1 box of 50 per month, and the maximum issue of 37443 will be 1 box of 100 per 2 months. 2 x boxes of WA1 will be issued each month if requested.

For more information, please contact the association on 07 3359 7570.

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